Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I've got knives in my eyes, I'm going home sick."

"Brick" (2005) is a taut, dark mystery/thriller directed by Rian Johnson.  It's a movie about a high school student that infiltrates a drug ring in order to investigate the possible murder of his ex-girlfriend.  It's an unconventional drama/thriller based around high school characters.  I especially enjoyed the clever, smart lingo employed by the Brendan and 'the Brain.'  The writing (dialogue) for this film also by Rian Johnson is brilliant.

It's highly stylized and not that credible, but I like how it delves into the darker elements of high school life rather than focusing on the cheery, saccharine caricature portrayed by movies like "High School Musical."  I do think the movie could have been trimmed up and the pace could have been a bit quicker, but I was in also in an impatient mood when viewing it. 

A lot of the acting is melodramatic and theatrical as well but Joseph Gordon-Levitt really carries the movie as the protagonist, Brendan.  Norah Zehetner also puts in a commendable while understated performance as Laura.

I liked the scene in the parking lot when Brendan confronts Tugger over seeing 'the Pin' and Tugger drives his car full-on towards Brendan and Brendan just shuts his eyes... 

This movie is definitely worth a rent.

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  1. This movie seemed like a farcical version of The Wire or any other TV police series or crime novel. With the "loner" cop who is obsessed with trying to solve the case and in this case win back the girl and avoid the whiles of the femme fatale and the nemesis. Particularly indicative of farce was the van kitted out like an evil villain's parlour, and the deep conversation about Tolkien:

    -Do you read Tolkien?
    -The Hobbit books?
    -His descriptions of things are really good.

    and other profound quips like this.It almost seemed a bit like Bugsy Malone. Like Kyle said it's not that credible, but I didn't think it was unconventional, it seemed to be a pretty conventional crime drama that just happened to be set in a high school. I felt it was too long, and rather dull.